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Monitor Vehicles
Detect Problem Parkers

Illegally or wrongly parked vehicles present a nuisance to private property owners, causing blockages, delaying the flow of business and revenue. They could also present a potential health and safety risk.

Detect Wrongly Parked Vehicles
Video surveillance combined with advanced AI technology triggers an alert the moment that a vehicle enters a designated no-park zone. If required a timer-delay can be configured to prevent unwanted alerts.

Immediate notification via a smartphone app.
The moment a parking alert is triggered, a notification is sent via the App to the owners phone allowing them the opportunity to react to the situation

PTZ Automatic Tracking

Pan Tilt Zoom (PTZ) cameras are well known for their versatility in tracking threats and identifying individuals or vehicles. One of the drawbacks with traditional non automated PTZ cameras is that they used to rely on someone actually sitting in front of a monitor watching the scene waiting for a target to appear - this is why they were usually deployed in a commercial environment such as department stores, industrial sites or towns where a CCTV operator or security guard would have the responsibility to take control of the camera to track movement. Here in this footage we can see how the new automated PTZ camera from Wilson Security Systems tracks a vehicle that has entered through an automated gate and follows the vehicle around the carpark. This footage has been recorded and is available for the user to playback either at the recorder or via their smartphone or PC

Smart Motion Detection System

Motion detection has been around on CCTV systems for quite some time in various forms. Some more successful than others. With our CCTV Cameras, the camera itself actually identifies if the movement is a Human or a Vehicle. Therefore dramatically reducing false notifications being sent to the users mobile phone.  Another benefit of detecting movement, even if you didn't want to be notified, is that when searching for footage of why your garden gate was left open, you will be given a visual marker on the timeline of footage you are viewing. Therefore saving hours of searching. 

Abandoned Object
Detection Solution

Here we can utilise the CCTV system to create an alert to your mobile phone when an object is left within a predefined area. This can have many applications, including valuable parcels being left or vehicles parked creating an obstruction

Unmanned Site Monitoring

At Wilson Security Systems we treat every customer as an individual. We don't just apply a single security strategy to all of our projects. If you require a dynamic and modern thinking security systems provider then get in touch to discuss your requirements and for a no obligation free quote.

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